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In a technology-based world, you have to keep up with the changes in order to compete and stay ahead of the markets.

At OnFleek, we combine our fresh thinking and innovative technologies

Our industry define methodologies helps to deliver successful products to multiple domains and verticals in business-driven markets

Why Us

We Makes your everyday better.

Would you like to delight your customers with an eCommerce platform that is responsive? Or build great relationships with an insightful CRM suite with your loyal clients? Or control the global footprint of your company with a cloud based ERP solution?

This is where our Custom Product Creation services provide the company with high-performing products to drive results faster. Our engineers and seasoned developers are helping to create rich products and applications that help companies sustainably drive innovation and development and beat out their rivals for market supremacy.

We use the latest technology trends such as Fault-tolerant super scalable distributed system, Heterogeneous programming, Real-time systems, Docker, Adaptive designs, etc to address our customers' ever changing business needs to ensure the best performance for your business solution

Our Capabilities

Web Development

For any modern-day organisation, developing a burgeoning web presence is a must. But this includes a complex system of content management to update web portals regularly with interesting content to engage readers. We conceptualise, design, create and construct intuitive, responsive websites and web applications that enhance customer engagement by providing excellent user experience. Our services for mobile app creation help companies build a dynamic web presence in any market they choose. With intrinsic customization support, we help our partners build amazing web experiences for their clients with world-class CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

Android Development

Our dedicated team of engineers trained in the development of Android apps helps companies carry out the best mobile experiences for their customers on all Android-powered devices. We have designed some of the finest Android applications on the market today, from simple games to complicated enterprise-level applications.

IOS Development

A number of iOS applications that have achieved mass adoption in foreign markets have been attributed to us. It is an established fact that because of wider acceptance for Apple mobile devices, it is important to have an iOS application as far as mobile apps are concerned from an international perspective. Our industry partners have successfully used our professional iOS application development experts to introduce some of the most beautifully designed applications to consumers in the world.